Internet Explorer 11 Beta Concept Imagines the Windows 9 Browser

Here’s what the next version of Internet Explorer could look like

Microsoft is believed to be working on two different Windows versions, one called Windows Blue and likely to be the first major makeover for Windows 8, and a second one baptized Windows 9 and expected to be the successor of the new OS.

Chances are that Windows 9 will come with a new Internet Explorer version and, given the fact that Microsoft focuses so much on the touch support, its in-house browser is very likely to receive significant changes.

DeviantArt user Daniel Skrzypoń has created a concept that imagines the upcoming Internet Explorer 11 browser for the desktop mode of the operating system.

While the interface looks absolutely amazing, we’re not really sure that this is the design Microsoft plans to roll out for the new version of its browser, as the company will most likely stick to a more classic appearance in line with the previous builds.

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