Internet Explorer 11 Fails to Correctly Render Yahoo Homepage

Users are reporting issues with the browser on Windows 7 computers

Internet Explorer 11 is also available on Windows 7 computers, but it turns out that some of the users who installed it are experiencing issues when trying to view the Yahoo homepage.

Some reports posted on Microsoft’s support forums indicate that IE11 incorrectly renders the homepage and shows the newsfeed as blanks after the first five stories.

“I click on the right arrow, it advances incrementally, but there are no images. IF I use compatibility view, it works fine, but the page shrinks. I have tried resetting, deleting cache, etc. to no avail,” one user explained.

The issue also seems to be experienced on Windows 8.1 devices too, with some users confirming that similar problems have also been spotted on the Modern version of the browser too.

Microsoft is still investigating reports at this point, so there are no workarounds available for the time being.

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