Internet Explorer 11 Metro to Feature a Built-in Download Manager

Microsoft is bringing more options to the next version of IE

Windows Blue, the first major refresh for Windows 8, will pack Internet Explorer 11, the next version of Microsoft’s in-house browser expected to come with a wide array of improvements.

In addition to many other changes, the Metro version of IE11 is also likely to integrate a built-in download manager that would allow users to pause, resume and track downloads.

While it provides pretty basic options, the download manager is easily accessible via the wrench icon, according to a report by

Last but not least, the Metro version of IE11 is also rumored to pack more Tracking Protection settings. As you know, Internet Explorer 10 comes with Do Not Track turned on by default, but the Metro flavor of the browser doesn’t provide settings to disable it.

The next iteration, on the other hand, will enable Blue users to turn it off from the settings menu via the Charms bar.

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