Internet Explorer 11 Will Use Google Technology to Load Websites Faster

Windows Blue is very likely to bring SPDY support in IE11

It’s no surprise that Internet Explorer 11 will pack several new technologies to be more stable and faster than previous iterations, but here’s something that’s pretty interesting.

Rafael Rivera of WithinWindows has found out that IE11 will pack support for SPDY, a protocol designed by Google to load websites faster.

While Microsoft hasn’t said a thing about Windows Blue or Internet Explorer 11, SPDY would indeed help the next release of its in-house browser to reduce page loading times, as the protocol is said to improve browsing speed by up to 64 percent.

SPDY is yet to be implemented in Internet Explorer 11, so you can’t give it a try with the leaked build of Windows Blue, but the operating system packs several references to this technology, which could be an indication that the browser might embrace it at some point.

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