Internet Explorer Dominates the Browser World with a 55% Market Share

IE 8.0 remains the most popular browser in the entire world

We’ve already told you that Internet Explorer 10, the latest version of Microsoft’s in-house browser, was increasing its market share at a very slow pace, but here’s another important thing revealed by Net Applications’ January 2013 data.

Internet Explorer currently holds no more, no less than 55.14 percent of the entire browser world, while Mozilla’s popular Firefox comes second with a 19.94 percent share. The third place goes to Google Chrome with a market share of 17.48 percent.

Internet Explorer 8.0 was the number one browser on the market in January, as it posted a share of 23.54 percent, while Internet Explorer 9.0 reached the second place with 20.93 percent.

Internet Explorer 6.0 remains shockingly popular with a share of 6.69 percent, which makes it the fifth most popular browser out there.

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