Internet Explorer and Google Chrome Remain the World’s Top Browsers

New data shows that Microsoft’s browser is still the top choice for computer users

Microsoft’s in-house browser, Internet Explorer, was still the number one choice for computer users in November, according to new data released by Net Applications.

Surprisingly, however, Internet Explorer version 8.0 snatched the leading spot with a market share of 24.49 percent, followed by Internet Explorer 9 with 20.80 percent.

Mozilla Firefox comes third in Net Applications’ statistics, as it achieved a market share of 12.93 percent. Google Chrome 23 is only the fourth browser in this updated chart, with a share of 10.52 percent.

Apple’s very own Safari has barely reached the seventh place with 2.55 percent, while Opera 12 registered a market share of only 1.36 percent.

Paradoxically, data published by StatCounter claims that Chrome 23 was the number one browser in November with 22.45 percent, followed by Internet Explorer with 17.65 percent and Mozilla Firefox 16 with 15.29 percent.

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