Jailbreak to Bring Firefox and Chrome on Windows RT Tablets

The two apps may be recompiled to work on Windows RT

The official Windows RT jailbreak application is now available for download, so software developers behind this project can focus on recompiling applications to run on Microsoft’s tablet-oriented operating system.

The number of desktop apps available on jailbroken Windows RT devices is pretty small right now, but the list is very likely to grow bigger as more users unlock their tablets to run unsigned code.

netham45, the jailbreak app creator, says that bringing Firefox and Google Chrome on Windows RT is just a matter of time, as “I don’t see any major technical hurdles for those.”

Windows RT versions of both Firefox and Google Chrome are reportedly in the works, but both Mozilla and Google are yet to confirm such projects. Porting the two browsers on Windows RT, however, is just a matter of time, even if the two companies refuse to do the job by themselves.

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