Jailbreaking Windows RT Could Wreak Havoc on Windows 8 – Security Company

Sophos warns that such an attempt puts users at risk

A hacker has found a way to bypass a Windows RT restriction in order to run unsigned apps, and even though all those using Microsoft’s tablet OS have applauded his efforts, security company Sophos says it’s all a very risky thing.

The vendor explained in a blog post that jailbreaking Windows RT has the same risks as hacking any other mobile operating system, such as Android or iOS.

“While you gain the freedom to run any code you like, you also become responsible for that code and ensuring it isn't doing something you don't want it to. If jailbreaking Microsoft tablets becomes a popular way to run pirated applications we may begin to see more malicious apps like have been observed on Android,” the company said.

Microsoft has already confirmed the hack, adding that it doesn’t pose any security risk to Windows RT users and hinting that a patch to block the jailbreak may be released soon.

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