Just Like Windows 8, Windows RT Is Yet to Impress

Analysts believe that companies prefer to stay away from Windows RT

While sales of the Surface RT have been really impressive, at least in the first days of availability, analysts believe that companies and hardware manufacturers aren’t so attracted by Microsoft’s Windows RT.

Erwin Visser, senior director at the Redmond-based technology company, previously said that Microsoft tries to offer all Windows 8 apps on Windows RT too, in an attempt that should help it appeal to enterprise customers too.

“We’re not planning to use [RT],” Edwin MacGillavry, deputy director of the Bureau for Criminal Law Studies of the Dutch Public Prosecution Service, told Computing.co.uk.

“We want full security possibilities. Security is paramount, so from that point of view we’ll not be using the RT machines for the moment.”

Surface RT has already registered record sales, but most enterprise users are actually waiting for the Surface Pro, the first tablet that could run Windows 8 Pro and legacy Windows apps.

Microsoft is expected to launch the device in early January, but the company is yet to confirm the release date.

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