Kaspersky Now Updated with Live Tile Support, Still Available for Free

Kaspersky releases a minor update for its Windows 8 product

Kaspersky Now, the Windows 8 application developed by the famous security vendor, has just received an update that allows it to make the most of the new features available in this operating system easier than ever before.

Kaspersky has added support for small live tiles and, given the fact that Kaspersky Now can provide the latest security news in the Modern UI, you’re now allowed to find out whether new articles are available or not straight from the Start Screen.

The application continues to be available for free, but it only works on x86 and x64 builds of the new operating system, so no Windows RT support for the time being.

It comes with a pretty good feature package that includes security trends, threat alerts, expert views and a complete overview of your computer’s security status.

Click here to view the Kaspersky Now product page in your browser.

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