KeyScrambler 3.0 Adds Full Support for Windows 8

Now supports 29 web browsers, including Google Chrome

QFX Software released a major update for their anti-keylogging application, KeyScrambler, as the Premium and Professional editions of the program can protect the modern UI apps in Windows 8.

According to the developer this makes KeyScrambler the first keystroke encryption program to achieve this.

The Premium edition includes support for Windows Explorer in “metro” mode and can protect the Command Prompt console.

All three editions of the application (Personal, Professional and Premium) now support Internet Explorer 10 and have been greatly optimized in order to provide better performance and compatibility, decreased resource usage and an improved overall user experience.

The total number of browsers currently supported reached 29 and includes Google Chrome.

Qian Z. Wang, CEO of QFX Software said about this release that “I believe this is the best version of KeyScrambler we've made yet.”

As its name suggests, the application works by encrypting the keystrokes you type in various applications thus making sure that keyloggers cannot capture the real text but a scrambled version.

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