Kids Choose Nintendo Wii, PSP, iPad over Microsoft’s Surface

Microsoft’s first tablet is almost the last device in kids’ holiday wish lists

Microsoft’s Surface has just lost another battle with Apple’s very own iPad, as kids aged 6 – 12 said they would rather choose the iPad over Microsoft’s first tablet in history.

In fact, the Surface has lost the battle with almost any other device on the market when it comes to this survey, as the only gadget that got a lower score than Microsoft’s tablet was the Apple TV.

48 percent of the kids included in Nielsen’s latest survey said the iPad tops their holiday wish lists, with the Nintendo Wii U getting the second spot with 39 percent. The iPod Touch completed the podium with 36 percent.

The Surface, on the other hand, impressed only 6 percent of the young consumers, while 4 percent of them indicated they would choose the Apple TV. One quarter of the kids said they would go for high-definition consoles.

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