LameXP 4.06 Updates Components

It eliminates a short list of problems, changes the “About” dialog

LameXP 4.06 has been released over the weekend. Most of the changes available consist in updates for various components, but the developer also made some repairs.

As expected, the tools that have been updated are decoders and libraries the application relies on for carrying out conversion jobs. The developer has updated the libraries for Opus decoder/encoder and Qt runtime, as well as the decoders MPG123 and ALAC.

Also updated are the localization files for the application.

As for repairs, a buffer overflow issue in FAAD2 decoder has been removed; it could have caused crashes when files with very long names had been involved. Also fixed is a regression in Qt 4.8.3 that broke the support for drag and drop.

Another modification in this version refers to the “About” menu, as a custom dialog is now used instead of message boxes.

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