Leaked Windows 8.1 RTM Copies Can Be Activated with Legitimate Windows 8 Keys

Users are reporting that activation is also possible on 8.1 RTM

Fully-working Windows 8.1 RTM ISOs got leaked yesterday, so many users rushed to download and install them as soon as possible, just to make sure that Microsoft doesn’t remove them from the web.

While this new release can be deployed just like any other fresh copy of Windows, users are reporting that activation is also possible after successfully setting up the operating system.

It appears that legitimate Windows 8 keys work just fine, without any risk from getting it blacklisted by Redmond, as 8.1 is still being considered an update for the core operating system.

The problem, on the other hand, is that Microsoft doesn’t provide any kind of support for leaked copies of its operating system, so in case something goes wrong, you’re all alone in your attempt to fix them.

As for the official launch, Windows 8.1 will make it to the Store on October 17, while everybody else will get the downloadable ISOs one day later.

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