Libraries Cannot Be Disabled in Windows 8.1 RTM

Users have found a bug in the way the OS manages shows libraries

Users who have already installed Windows 8.1 RTM discovered a bug in the way File Explorer handles the built-in libraries installed by default in the OS.

According to multiple reports, these libraries cannot be disabled from the “Folder Options” pane, as unchecking the “Show libraries” setting doesn’t seem to make any difference.

While some users claim that everything works like a charm when it comes to libraries, the issue seems to exist on quite a lot of workstations, so this is probably one of the bugs that Microsoft needs to fix before the OS hits GA.

That’s why Microsoft has actually decided to continue work on Windows 8.1 even after it reaches RTM, as the company wants to deliver a bug-free OS update that’s not affected by this kind of glitches.

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