Malwarebytes Announces Windows XP Support for Life, Debuts Anti-Malware Premium

One more security vendor announces support for Windows XP

Even though Windows XP will be retired next month, the majority of security vendors on the market will still support it, so their products will all work on the ancient operating system for at least two more years.

Today, however, Malwarebytes announced that a new security product called Anti-Malware Premium, which becomes available to users today, will support Windows XP for life, which means that you should be on the safe side on your XP machine as long as you use this app.

Windows XP makes up to 20 percent of Malwarebytes’ userbase, so this new decision is quite important, company officials said.

At the same time, Malwarebytes explained that the new Anti-Malware Premium solution, which combines five different technologies to provide state-of-the-art protection to users on all Windows versions (and not only on Windows XP), also comes with updated modules to block malicious URLs, adware, and toolbars. The user interface has been revamped, while the scanning engine is faster and more effective.

An Anti-Rootkit system and the new Chameleon technology system that detect malicious file at startup are also being offered as part of the package.

The free version of the application continues to be available, while the new Premium solution will also be up for grabs for $24.95 (€18.5) per year, offering support for three different PCs.

The application will be soon reviewed on Softpedia, so keep an eye on our Windows Reviews section to find out more about the way the application works and protects your computer.

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