MediaMonkey for Windows 8 Gets Updated, Download Now

A new version of the app is now available in the Store

MediaMonkey remains one of the top choices for Windows 8 users who wish to manage their multimedia collection without leaving the Metro interface, so it’s probably good news that the app received a new update.

Available in the Store right now, the new version brings several important bug fixes, including patches for the lyrics that aren’t displayed from the beginning and for the unsorted videos.

In addition, the updated MediaMonkey comprises new features to search for lyrics, as well as improvements for skins and icons.

Of course, the app continues to work on all Windows 8 platforms, including x86, x64, and ARM builds, so owners of Microsoft’s first tablet in history, the Surface RT, can still use it.

Click here to view the product page of the new MediaMonkey version in your browser.

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