Meet the New Windows 8.1 – Video

Microsoft launches video to showcase the new Windows 8.1 in action

Microsoft has released a brand new video for Windows 8.1, thus trying to promote the new operating system as it’s already available to users across the world.

“Update to Windows 8.1 and discover new ways to personalize, great new apps, and your old familiar desktop. Updating is easy—and it's free for Windows 8 users,” the video description reads.

Windows 8.1 is offered free of charge to Windows 8 adopters and can be found in the Store, while those still running older versions of the operating system need to pay at least $119.99 (€90) for a license.

The operating system brings lots of improvements, including a brand new Start button, Internet Explorer 11, and lots of customization options for the Start screen. What’s more, the OS has been optimized for smaller screens, so it can now be installed on 7-inch devices too.

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