Microsoft Accidentally Tries to Take Down OpenOffice Download Links

The company has sent DMCA takedowns to Google for OpenOffice links

Just like all the other large companies selling software, Microsoft is often crawling the web looking for pirated versions of its applications, just to send Google and the other search engines takedown notices for all download links.

But as far as Microsoft Office is concerned, the Softies have requested Google to remove not only pages leading to its own productivity suite, but also to OpenOffice, the freeware alternative for its app.

TorrentFreak reveals that Microsoft has accidentally included OpenOffice download links in its DMCA takedown notices, even though all of them are obviously legitimate.

While no comments have yet been released, all pages seem to be still up and running, which means that Google and the other search engines have correctly analyzed the data and determined that they don’t lead to infringing content.

Microsoft is yet to release a public statement on this, but given the fact that Office is seeing increased competition from its rivals, removing their download links from Google would clearly come in handy.

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