Microsoft Admits Pirates Are Cracking Windows 8 Apps

The company is working on a fix to patch a Windows Store flaw

A few days ago, word that a third-party downloadable solution allows Windows 8 users to get paid Windows Store applications without actually paying for them emerged online.

Basically, the program was capable to turn trial versions of the apps available in the Store into full-featured software by taking advantage of a flaw in Windows 8’s Windows Store.

A company spokesperson told us that Microsoft is aware of the problem, but only a “limited number of people” are actually trying to exploit the flaw.

“We’re aware of a rootkit that has been developed that is intended to bypass the paid app mechanism for Windows Store apps. We have seen a limited number of people use this method to extend trial durations, convert trials to full featured applications and to install applications on more machines than five computers. The proof-of-concept techniques we have seen to date, however, do not affect Windows RT devices,” the spokesperson explained.

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