Microsoft Allows Some Windows 8 Users to Downgrade to Windows 7 for Free

Some Windows 8 PCs are delivered with downgrade rights

Even though Microsoft has already announced that it had sold 60 million copies of Windows 8, there are plenty of users who are disappointed with the operating system and wish to go back to Windows 7.

Well, it’s definitely very important to know that some Windows 8 computers currently on sale are delivered with what Microsoft is calling downgrade rights that allow users to get back Windows 7 fast and easily, as LifeHacker writes.

In just a few words, downgrading to Windows 7 can be done with a simple disc and a genuine product key, with Microsoft allowing you to switch back again to Windows 8 at any time.

“The system is licensed and ready for conversion,” Microsoft explains.

Windows 8 Pro can be downgraded only to Windows 7 Professional or Windows Vista Business, according to Microsoft’s FAQ on downgrade rights. Check out this page if you wish to purchase a new Windows 8 computer with downgrade support.

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