Microsoft Already Planning to Expand Cheyenne Data Center

The company is now outlining an expansion plan for its under-construction data center

Microsoft announced one year ago that it would open a data center in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but the company is already outlining an expansion plan for the local facility.

According to a report by Wyoming News, Microsoft is preparing a budget of $66.5 million (€49.7 million) to expand the facility, even though the company has already invested approximately $92 million (€68.6 million) in the North Range Business Park facility.

The current building would allow Microsoft to hire a total of 18 people for its data center, but more employees could join the company in case the expansion plan gets the green light.

The same source reports that another 9 workers would be added and, instead of transferring existing employees, Microsoft is looking into the local labor market to increase its workforce at the data center.

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