Microsoft Appoints New Partner to Help Kill Windows XP

Centrix Software has been chosen to support enterprises when upgrading from Windows XP

Centrix Software has officially become one of the companies endorsed by Microsoft to support UK businesses when trying to migrate from Windows XP to a newer Windows operating system.

Centrix will use its WorkSpace iQ software solution to help businesses optimize Windows 7 and Windows 8 migrations, ChannelBiz reports.

“It’s the first time Microsoft has endorsed a third party such as ourselves, thanks to our ability to identify challenges with the deployment of new operating systems,” Richard Pegden, director of product marketing at Centrix, told the source.

Microsoft will officially end support for Windows XP in April 2014, with the company now urging consumers still running the 11-year-old operating system to switch to a newer Windows platform.

The software giant has also pledged to offer support to businesses who wish to dump Windows XP in the favor of Windows 7 or Windows 8, as some enterprises may need assistance in deploying new software on their workstations.

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