Six Stores Selling Pirated Microsoft Software Busted

All six stores admitted to breaching Microsoft’s copyright

Microsoft New Zealand has managed to identify a total of six stores that were selling pirated software developed by the Redmond-based technology company.

IT Server International, Comtech International, D&J IT Solutions, Computer Xpress, RAY Tech and Powernet Computers installed unlicensed Microsoft software on computers delivered to local consumers, the company said in a release.

Luckily, all six stores have quickly admitted to breaching Microsoft’s copyright and agreed to pay a total of $34,000 (€26,750) in settlements.

Surprisingly however, Microsoft refused to close the stores and allowed them to continue selling its software. Genuine software, that is.

“We don't put these people out of business, but it's important that we stop them selling the unauthorised software, which can often be full of malware that is capable of compromising computer security and even facilitating identity theft,” Clayton Noble, legal counsel for Microsoft, said in a statement.

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