Microsoft Claims Munich’s Linux Migration Is a Waste of Cash

Staying with Windows XP would have been a better choice, Microsoft said

The city of Munich decided a few months ago to dump Windows XP and Office 2013 in the favor of Linux and OpenOffice, but even though that may seem like a pretty smart investment when it comes to costs, Microsoft says it’s actually a waste of cash.

A research conducted by Microsoft after Munich authorities switched to Linux revealed that that the city would have saved more than $57 million (€42 million) by using the Windows operating system and its Office productivity suite.

Munich, on the other hand, says this isn’t true, as it has managed to save no more, no less than $14.3 million (€10.7 million) so far.

The software giant claims that local authorities have actually compared the overall migration costs to a 10-year-old Linux platform with those of a newer Windows version, emphasizing that staying with Windows XP would have been a lot more affordable.

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