Microsoft Confirms WLM – Skype Transition Bugs

Plenty of users have complained that they lost their contact lists

Microsoft has recently announced that it would discontinue Windows Live Messenger on March 15, so users have no other option that to make the move to Skype.

The problem is that many of those who indeed decided to migrate to Microsoft’s VoIP platform have encountered a problem that erased most of their contacts, with no workaround to get the lost information back.

A Skype forum moderator has confirmed the issue and said that Microsoft is currently working on a fix to make the transition a much easier process.

“Indeed one possible cause we're working on fixing is a problem with synchronization gone wrong. Obviously if you reinstall and remove all previous data you trigger a new sync and chances are high that it succeeds and you will end up with a working contact list again. Obviously we don't want to ask everyone to delete all their Skype chat logs but rather fix our app to detect this error and fix it in the local database,” he said.

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