Microsoft Convinces Shipping Company to Dump Windows XP for Windows 8

One more firm decides to make the switch to the new OS

Windows 8 is slowly increasing its share, according to new market data, but this is also happening thanks to Microsoft’s efforts to convince companies to dump old operating systems such as Windows XP, for the new software released on October 26.

TempoInteractive writes that similar attempts take place in Indonesia too, but the difference is that Windows 8 is a lot more successful in this country.

Arpeni Pratama Ocean Line, a shipping company based in Indonesia, has decided to abandon Windows XP for Windows 8. Why, you may ask.

“In order not prevent disruption we decided to migrate to Windows 8 Enterprise,” Lars Gruenitz, director of operations at APOL, was quoted as saying by the source.

“We would also like to target consumers or direct users, and provide trainings to facilitate the use of Windows 8,” Windows Business Group Lead of Microsoft Indonesia, Lucky Gani, added.

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