Microsoft “Crowned” the 75th Best Company to Work For in the World

Google is once again leading Fortune’s very own top

Fortune has recently released its official 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2013 ranking, with Google retaining the leading position for one more year.

Software giant Microsoft is only the 75th company in the top, while rivals Apple and Facebook didn’t make the first 100.

In case you’re wondering what makes it so great, here’s what Fortune says about Microsoft:

“The company's campus outside Seattle has a new health center with primary care, a pharmacy, a chiropractic clinic, lab tests, and wellness coaching.”

If this doesn’t make Microsoft a pretty great company to work for, do not forget that employees receive free Windows 8 devices, including Windows Phones and Surface tablets, just to make sure they have access to the latest technologies developed by the Redmond-based tech titan.

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