Microsoft Kills the Points System, Brings Cash Payments into Windows 8

The company may abandon its often criticized payment system

Microsoft is apparently planning to phase out the Points payment system in the favor of a cash payment service that’s already integrated into Windows 8.

While the company hasn’t released an official statement announcing the switch, the editors over at The Verge write that Windows 8 users can now pay for digital content with real money, instead of purchasing bundle of points.

As you probably know by now, 80 Microsoft Points equals $1, so sometimes users had to spend more money on the points they needed to acquire various Microsoft products.

Starting recently, Microsoft’s Points have become a secondary payment option, with Windows 8 users allowed to pay by default with credit cards.

The Xbox 360 platform is still relying on the traditional point payment system, but the company could make the switch to the new option later this month when it will most likely debut the new Xbox Music service.

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