Microsoft Dumps Physical Office 2013 Disks in Australia

The company is betting big on the download service

With the release of Office 2013, Microsoft has decided to abandon the traditional physical disk that could be found in stores and instead go for a new strategy that would allow the company to easily fight piracy.

From now on, the Office 2013 boxes you will find in stores come with no CD and DVD, but only with a 25-digit product key that enables you to download the productivity suite from the Internet.

While there are reports that Microsoft may still sell physical disks in some countries, this isn’t the case of Australia, a company spokesperson told

“The new Office will be sold as a boxed product that includes a 25 digit alpha-numeric key in the U.S. and developed countries including Australia. Traditional discs will continue to be sold in developing countries with limited Internet access,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying.

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