Microsoft Expected to Drop Surface RT Price to $300 (€230)

The company may discount the Surface RT as it’s getting ready for the Pro version

Microsoft Surface RT comes with a starting price tag of $499 (€380) and, although the entry-level version has the same price as the cheapest iPad, many users have actually described it as a fairly expensive gadget.

But the Redmond-based giant may cut the Surface RT price by almost 38% in the next two months, reported citing a Dealnews forecast.

Basically, Microsoft is now getting ready to release the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, so a price cut may actually boost sales of the RT version. In addition, sales of the RT tablet have remained slow, so this could be another last-minute attempt to increase sales.

The company has also started selling the Surface RT at non-Microsoft retailers, with several stores in the UK and the US expected to get the tablet as soon as this weekend.

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