Microsoft Fails to Repair a Three-Month-Old Bug Once Again

The company is yet to fix the Surface Wi-Fi connectivity bug

Microsoft promised to fix the Surface RT Wi-Fi connectivity bug with this month’s Patch Tuesday updates but, as far as users are concerned, the released fixes make no difference on the affected devices.

A post on Microsoft’s support forums informs users that Patch Tuesday brings an update particularly aimed at this problem, but several Surface RT owners have already confirmed that the bug still persisted.

“Patches come, but the problem remains. Still need to reapply registry fix to make Wi-Fi work after today updates,” one user said. “Same experience here. Firmware update today had no effect on ‘limited’ connectivity issue,” another one added.

Microsoft said that a new patch aimed at the Surface RT Wi-Fi issue was projected to be released in March, so users have no other option than to wait until this new patch sees daylight.

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