Microsoft Fighting with South Korea’s Military over Unlicensed Software [WSJ]

The company is asking for an annual fee of $12 million (€9.1 million)

Redmond-based technology giant Microsoft is now fighting with the South Korean Ministry of National Defense over an annual fee for its products, as approximately 230,000 computers are allegedly using unlicensed software.

While Microsoft is claiming that the South Korean authorities should pay a total of $12 million (€9.1 million) for the software it uses every year, local officials say this isn’t the case because all applications have been purchased through third-party retailers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the unlicensed software is being used by the country’s military command, control, communication and computer information network.

Microsoft Korea representatives claim the company has already started negotiations with the ministry but, up until now, the talks between the two came to absolutely no conclusion.

Microsoft claims it’s also looking into moving the dispute to court, so expect more news on this subject anytime soon.

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