Microsoft Forces Developer to Change Windows 8 “Facebook” App Name

The unofficial “Facebook” client for Windows 8 has been renamed

A few weeks ago, an application called “Facebook” has showed up in the Windows Store, even though the developers over at Facebook clearly said they have no intention to create an app for Windows 8 at this point.

Since it was called “Facebook,” the third-party client was causing quite a lot of confusion, especially for Windows 8 adopters who thought they were downloading the official app.

It appears, however, that Microsoft has forced Pearl Apps LLC, the company behind the app, to change the name of the client, as the “Facebook” entry is no longer available in the Store.

Instead, Windows 8 users can now download and install two different Facebook clients belonging to the same company and named “Facebook Lite” and “Facebook Pro,” with the latter offered with a price tag of $2.49 (€1.89).

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