Microsoft Hires Ex-Googler to Lead Online Services

Google Maps engineer joins Microsoft to work on Bing Maps

Tech giant Microsoft has managed to sign Raj Shah, an ex-Google engineer who worked on Maps, to lead its Online Services Division, a new report states.

It appears that Microsoft wants Shah to work on Bing Maps and other related products, according to TechCrunch citing inside sources.

The company has already confirmed that Shah will join its online services team, the report adds, but no other specifics have been provided.

Microsoft is trying to make Bing Maps a lot more competitive and this new upper management shift is clearly supposed to help the company reach its goal. Shah would most likely bring in a set of new ideas, some of which could help Bing Maps challenge Google’s service a lot easier.

At this point, Google Maps holds the leading position when it comes to web-based mapping services and the search company continues to introduce new features and improvements on a regular basis.

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