Microsoft Launches Endless Skater for Windows 8, Makes It Completely Free

The company has released a brand new game for Windows 8 adopters

Software maker Microsoft has recently released Endless Skater for Windows 8, a new exciting game that can be installed on desktops, laptops, and tablets running Windows RT.

The game is available at absolutely no cost and integrates Xbox Live support for daily achievements, leaderboards, and Gamerscore.

There are more than 25 tricks available for any of the available characters, with endless gameplay and upgradable stats offers to all users, regardless of their platform.

“Beautifully stylized graphics will pull you into the action as you weave through the halls of the school, or jump across enormous roof gaps! Look for hidden bonuses and pickups in levels to boost your scores and Xbox achievements!” Microsoft explained in the official description of the app published in the Windows Store.

Click here to view and download Endless Skater for Windows 8/RT.

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