Microsoft Launches Full Screen Mode for Bing

A new option is available for all Bing users right on the front page

Microsoft is periodically looking for new ways to make Bing a much more special search engine, so this time the company released a full screen option available right on the front page.

Basically, a full screen mode shouldn’t improve the searching experience too much, but this particular option goes hand in hand with another Bing feature: the beautiful backgrounds.

Microsoft seems to focus on these high-resolution photos more than ever, so the full screen mode hides all the other buttons displayed on the page and lets users enjoy the landscape.

The only problem however is that all the buttons at the top and the bottom come back whenever you start typing in the search box on the main page.

While this could make it pointless for most users out there, let’s just hope that future updates will make it much better and user-friendly.

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