Microsoft Launches Windows Azure Media Services

The feature is now available to all users who want to stream videos to various platforms

By on January 24th, 2013 00:01 GMT

Microsoft recently announced general availability of the Windows Azure Media Services, a brand new service that allows registered users to stream on-demand video to consumers on any platform or device, including Windows 8, iPhones, Android, Flash, HTML5 and Windows Phone.

While this particular feature has been available to a number of developers exclusively, Windows Azure Media Service was used to stream the London 2012 Olympics, the company said in a blog post.

“Windows Azure Media Services provides a large set of client player SDKs for all major devices and platforms, and they let you not only reach any device with a format that’s best suited for that device - but also build a custom player experience that uniquely integrates into your product or service,” Microsoft explained.

The service can be used to upload and encode media files into a wide array of supported formats, as Windows Azure Media Service employs what it’s being called “dynamic packaging” to allow users to store a single file format and stream to many adaptive protocol formats automatically.