Microsoft Launches Windows XP Retirement Website

The company is trying to make everyone aware that Windows XP will go dark very soon

As part of its efforts to let people know that Windows XP will soon be discontinued, Microsoft has recently launched a new website that provides information on the transition process to a newer operating system, but also details regarding the risks of sticking to XP after the April 8, 2014 deadline.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft uses this page to promote Windows 8 as well, inviting businesses to purchase its new operating system and Office 2013 at a promotional price until June.

Of course, the company then goes on to claim that using Windows XP after April, 2014 will lead to security risks, software issues and major downtime, while Windows 8 has what it takes to help you keep documents and emails more secure, be productive wherever you go, and get the most out of your work day.

“The security and privacy implications of this event could have significant impacts on your business, so if you’re running either of these products you should plan to take action soon,” Microsoft explains.

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