Microsoft Might Launch Windows Blue E-Reader

The company is already working on smaller Windows devices

A few days ago, Microsoft changed the Windows 8 Certification guidelines to support devices with resolutions as low as 1024x768, thus making everyone believe that smaller tablets are on their way.

But according to Forbes, Microsoft might be working on something even more special than a Surface Mini that could expand the tablet product family of the Redmond-based giant.

An e-book reader that would run Windows 8 or maybe Windows Blue is also reportedly in the works right now, especially because Microsoft has been trying to develop such a device for years.

The partnership the software maker currently holds with Barnes & Noble would support the development of such a device, even though Microsoft’s product could in the end compete with the Nook.

On the other hand, a Surface Mini that would also come with e-reading capabilities would also makes sense, especially because Microsoft is already believed to be working on a smaller tablet that could compete with the iPad mini.

According to previous rumors on the matter, a Surface Mini might be priced as low as $249 (€195), while the iPad mini is currently sold for $329 (€255) in entry-level version.

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