Microsoft Named the Most Relevant Tech Company Today

New study shows that Microsoft is more relevant than all of its rivals

The 2013 Developer Marketing Survey conducted by Evans Data crowns Microsoft the “Most Relevant Tech Company Today,” as the Redmond-based technology giant has managed to beat all its tech rivals.

The study involved more than 450 software developers and measured their perception on stability, relevancy, growth potential, trustworthiness, and other factors.

Google, on the other hand, was voted the company that’s “Most Likely to Dominate” in three years, with the search giant topping the list for 72 percent of those aged 25 and under.

“The developer landscape is shifting as developer demographics change,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp. “The age of software developers in North America has been trending younger since 2009, and as a new generation of developers comes on stage they bring new perceptions of the industry and its leaders.”

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