Microsoft Officially Launches MSN Money Now

The company releases a new service for its reinvented MSN portal

Microsoft has just announced the debut of MSN Money Now, a brand new service available on its new MSN portal that keeps users up to date with “the latest business and investing topics that are buzzing on the web,” as the company itself explained.

Data is collected from real-time sources such as Twitter, Bing and StockTwits and is then filtered by MSN writers and editors to be displayed in the Money’s Trending new module, the company said.

“The Trending Now box displays financial keywords and stock tickers that are hot on search and social media. The results are determined by a computer algorithm, displayed automatically and not filtered,” Amey Stone, managing editor, MSN Money, stated.

Although it provides the best experience on Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8, MSN Money Now is available for all MSN visitors, regardless of the browser or operating system they’re using.

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