Microsoft Praises the Start Button in New Windows 8.1 Ad – Video

The tech giant is preparing for the big launch on October 18

Windows 8.1 is just around the corner, so Microsoft keeps talking big about the update that's supposed to make the core operating system a lot more familiar and appealing to all user categories.

Nothing unusual until now, but the tech giant is now using the Start button to promote Windows 8.1, saying that it helps people get stuff done quicker and easier.

While this is indeed true, the Start button was actually removed in Windows 8 and reimplemented into 8.1 after intense criticism coming from both users and analysts. Microsoft had a change of heart earlier this year and decided to bring back the Start button to help consumers quickly get to the Start screen.

Even though it doesn't launch a Start Menu, it's still proof that the users’ voices can sometimes be heard in Redmond, especially when sales are dramatically affected.

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