Microsoft Reveals the Best Weather Apps for Windows 8

The company creates a new software section in the Windows Store

A new software category is now available in the Windows Store for users who wish to download a weather app and get the latest forecast without leaving the Modern interface of their Windows 8 computer.

These software solutions are “more reliable than a groundhog’s shadow,” Microsoft says in the official description of the category that currently comprises a total of 11 different apps.

“Why count on a groundhog to tell you if there’ll be six more weeks of winter? Get up-to-date info on whether it’ll stay cold or warm up,” Microsoft says about the new section.

While the built-in Windows 8 Weather app isn’t included in this software category, users can download very popular tools such as AccuWeather for Windows 8, The Weather Channel, Rain Alarm, Weather+, The Weather Network and Forecast HD.

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