Microsoft Reveals the Country Where Nearly 90% of Windows Is Pirated

But we can’t do anything about this, Microsoft says

Microsoft still struggles to convince and even force consumers to pay for a Windows license, but software piracy still exists in most countries all over the globe.

However, there’s a country where software piracy affecting Microsoft’s products has reached an unexpected threshold: Indonesia.

Andreas Diantoro, Microsoft Indonesia CEO, said in a statement that 97 percent of the local computers run the Windows operating system but sadly, 86 percent of them are actually relying on a pirated version.

Out of the total 5 million computers sold in Indonesia in 2012, only 550,000 actually come with a paid license, while 4.3 million use a counterfeited version of the operating system.

“Only 11 percent are original users,” was quoted as saying by tempointeractive, while also pointing out that his company can’t do anything about this.

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