Microsoft Says No to Preinstalled Office 2013 on New Computers

Such a move was initially regarded as an anti-piracy effort

Even though it was initially reported that Microsoft may intend to embed the newly released Office 365 on new computers sold in Indonesia, it may seem like the company will actually abandon its plan after all.

Andreas Diantoro, president director of Microsoft Indonesia, told The Jakarta Post a few days ago that the Redmond-based technology giant was looking into ways to bring Office 365 on new computers manufactured by seven different companies, including Acer, HP, and Toshiba.

But a company representative told ZDNet Asia that Microsoft will actually stay away from preinstalled copies of its new productivity suite because PC vendors already install a trial version of Office called “Perpetual SKU.”

Basically, the decision to offer the subscription-based software on new computers was considered another attempt to reduce piracy, as Microsoft is still struggling to deal with this issue in Indonesia. 87 percent of the computers in the country are running pirated software, according to Microsoft’s stats.

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