Microsoft Sends Mozilla a Cake to Celebrate 15th Anniversary

Mozilla turned 15 on March 31, so Microsoft decided to celebrate the event with a new cake

It’s a well-known fact that Microsoft and Mozilla send each other cakes whenever they release new versions of their browsers, even though they’re considered two of the fiercest rivals on the market.

Mozilla has recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, so the Redmond-based software vendor has decided to send its competitor a new birthday cake, just to make sure the tradition goes on.

“Congrats @Mozilla on your 15 year anniversary & your continued advocacy for web standards! @firefox This one kinda snuck up on us. Had to improvise,” a tweet posted by the IE team reads. “Happy 15th anniversary Mozilla! Love, IE,” the message next to the cake adds.

Mozilla also sent Microsoft a celebration cake back in October to mark the release of the 10th version of Internet Explorer and will most likely do the same thing this summer when IE11 is projected to see daylight.

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