Microsoft Skips CES 2013, but Windows 8 Is Still There – Video

The company rolls out clip to show new Windows 8 PCs unveiled at CES

Microsoft has decided to say “no” to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but Windows 8 managed to be the number one guest star thanks to an increasing number of devices running the new operating system.

Since PCs, laptops and tablets are playing quite a key role in the way Windows 8 performs on the market, Microsoft has decided to pay a tribute to manufacturers adopting its new software with a clip showcasing their latest products.

The video shows products belonging to Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba and Vizio, all running Windows 8 and expected to hit the market in the upcoming months.

It remains to be seen, however, if this avalanche of Windows 8 computers has the power to boost sales of the operating system or not.

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