Microsoft Surface Ads Are All over the Place in the BART Station in San Francisco

More and more advertisements spotted across the United States

We’ve told you a bit earlier that Microsoft is spamming the Boston subway with Surface advertisements, but just have a look at this photo. This goes way beyond the spamming concept, it’s more like the mother of ad spammers.

The picture was published on Twitter by user meredithwill and was taken in the BART station in San Francisco.

Microsoft wanted to show everybody not one, not two, not even three, but a total of 9 advertisement for the upcoming Surface tablet, all placed on a single wall. There are probably even more ads placed in the station, but we think we got the idea, OK Microsoft?

The Surface tablet will be released on October 25 during the Windows 8 launch event and will go on sale the next morning through Microsoft’s nationwide store network.

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