Microsoft Surface Gets Shot by Two M16 Rifles – Slow Motion Video

Watch the most exciting way to destroy a $599 (€465) tablet

If the Microsoft Surface tablet is getting on your nerves due to so many issues and you’re about to smash it into the wall, stop! Just stop!

While we can’t solve those annoying Surface issues right now, as Microsoft is still working on the “official” workarounds, we can actually suggest a more exciting way to destroy the tablet.

In the end, if you’re convinced that your Microsoft tablet doesn’t deserve a second chance and you wish to destroy it, at least do it like a boss.

Just like these guys did. A Microsoft Surface tablet got shot by two different M16 rifles, which by the way have been used by the United States army in the Vietnam War.

Of course, the Vapor Magnesium case failed to withstand such a powerful “attack,” but hit the play button to see the Surface breaking into pieces in slow motion.

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